Elegancia Group

Elegancia Group employees can now access all of their daily needs through Power Connect, a multilingual, tailormade digital solution that caters to all of their requirements.

The app, which was developed in-house, is intended to allow efficient communication among all workers at elegancia group Power International Holding and UCC Holding

English, Arabic, Bengali, Nepali, Urdu, and Turkish are among the six languages supported, facilitating workers to quickly access and navigate the app with ease. The app is totallyfocused on the needs of employees, bringing together all of the resources for employee engagement, learning, and well-being on a single platform.

Real-time notifications, project and bus route allocations, canteen menus, and payroll information are all sent to workers. They will be able to update their skill profiles, upload educational documents, take part in company surveys, and send complaints and requests using the platform. To optimize full integration, all employees will receive a user manual and a training kit.

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