Elegancia Group

Last week Qatar Club and Elegancia Group signed a sponsorship whereby Elegancia Group will be the main sponsor of the first football team of Qatar Club for three seasons. The agreement was signed by Sheikh Suhaim bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani, Vice president of Qatar Club, and Ramez Al-Khayat, Managing Director of Elegancia Group.

Sheikh Suhaim bin Abdulaziz praised this sponsorship agreement and Elegancia Group’s contribution to sports initiatives and teams. He emphasized the importance of maintaining this kind of fruitful cooperation because of its positive impact on the community, wishing that local companies in different sectors would take similar initiatives as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Moataz Al-Khayat, Chairman of Elegancia Group, said: "There is no doubt that being a sponsor to Qatar Club, one of the most important clubs in The State Qatar, is a very beneficial opportunity for our group. This type of initiative allows us to add value to society which is one of the guiding principles of the group.

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